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What we do
Our “12S Services” means we go far beyond where other traditional manufacturers can to help you succeed.  If you’re an investor who understands the huge potential of the family entertainment industry and have the fire to stake your own claim, we’d love to welcome you into the Liben family.
Venue Planning
  • Choose the best site and do the best business plan by analyzing the market potential and competition level, etc.
  • Define your target players by analysing the age structure of the city, human flow of the site, education policies, etc. 
  • Decide on the popular games by analyzing the market trend and the site data, etc, to attract more players.
  • Offer the best layout solution to improve the players' playing experience and maximize the operator's business.
Interactive smart park
Interactive smart park
Interactive smart park
Interactive smart park
Financial Analysis
Successful venue planning is inseparable from scientific financial analysis.
We can provide you with a comprehensive pre-sale budget analysis and financial advice during after-sales operations.
Including cash flow management, cost control and profit and loss management strategies.
Venue Design
  • We have the following theme: Ocean, Forest, Night Sky, Space, Rainbow, Animation,etc. We could also offer customized theme according to your requirements.
  • Hue
    Based on the suggestion of our designer and decoration team, you could choose the optimum hue according to the hue circle.
  • First we will make the lighting layout for the amusement park for your confirmation. Then we will provide a list of various lighting styles for you to choose.
  • When the plan of theme, hue and lighting is confirmed, we will provide the final design of the amusement park. 
Interactive smart park
Interactive smart park
Interactive smart park
Interactive smart park
Venue Decoration
We could provide construction follow-up services. To help customers supervise the construction by the third-party in a professional way, make sure that the supply of materials, construction details can be perfect with good quality.   
 Engineering quantity calculation: We could calculate the total engineering work needed according to the design drawings, and we would mark the material brands / specifications and construction practices method and assist our customers to contract to third-party construction companies, and help customers organize and analyze the various construction company offers.
Product Manufacture
1.Our production base has 200 employees, the annual production capacity reaches 110,000 square meters;
2.Liben Group has 25 years of production experience and had participated in the  famous amusement industry exhibitions for 15 consecutive years globally. Leading indoor play solutions have served more than 300 customers worldwide. 
3.As the benchmark customer of TUV in amusement industry we ensure quality and safety;
Interactive smart park
Interactive smart park Product Manufacture
Interactive smart park Product transportation
Interactive smart park Product transportation
Interactive smart park Product transportation
Product Transportation
We have long-term cooperated ship forwarders and logistics companies.
Customers can get solution on air-sea-land way to all over the world.
You can choose door-to-port or door-to-door service.
Pricing: Updated price according to customer addresses, transportation ways (air, sea, train,etc.) and other special requirements (e.g. Unload product from container, import duty paid, etc.).
Product Installation
Liben Corporation has the experience and resources to offer a full installation service which is managed by our management team.
Our Installation teams are experienced and continually trained in construction of indoor trampoline park and indoor playground.
Typical site installation:
1.Structural steel Erection
2.Walkways, stairs and handrails
3.Trampoline mats installation
4.Soft padding layout
5.Repairs& maintenance(springs,trampoline mats,soft padding,screws,structure)
Liben Corporation is able to provide qualified and experienced engineers for our customer to do the installation.
Interactive smart park Product installation
Interactive smart park Product installation
Interactive smart park Product installation
Interactive smart park Maintenance and upgrades
Interactive smart park Maintenance and upgrades
Maintenance and Upgrades
Including Trampoline mat, soft pad, frame, basketball hoop, carpet, artificial grass. Foam cubes and springs are not included.
Damage caused by below Circumstance are not included in the Warranty:
1.Damage caused by improper use and human beings.
2.Force majeure (including but not limited to earthquake, lightning, flood, fire, war, etc.)
Ticketing and Management System
Booking system, class enrollment, party booking, event management, integrated online and in-park waiver management system
Integrated point of sale for tickets, concessions, merchandise, operate a restaurant/bar and more
Monitor numbers of people to prevent overbooking, synchronous update spare tickets.
Employee attendance, performance management, track labor costs.
Track customer information and use it for mailing lists. Helps generate repeat business and maintain customer loyalty to your park.
Interactive smart park
Interactive smart park
Indoor adventure
Indoor adventure
Staff Training
A good indoor trampoline park, need the professional team.
The training for receptionists 
The training for safety officer
The training for trainer 
The rules for cleaning 
The safety for playground
Financial management
Marketing Planing
24h Services for online and offline marketing advice
Pricing policy guidance service
Auxiliary Product
Glow stuff, wristbands, trampoline socks, employees T-shirts, bumper balls, tables and chairs, bouncing board, lockers, massage chair, etc.
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