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Which Indoor Playground Equipment Is More Dangerous? What Should Children Pay Attention To When Playing?

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An indoor playground is better, because this indoor project is usually not affected by the weather, and the operator’s profit is more stable. No matter what the weather is, no matter what the outdoor temperature is, this indoor playground is always unaffected The impact is that when the weather is bad, everyone likes to take their children to play in the indoor paradise, feeling quite safe. What are the more dangerous indoor playground equipment? Now we come to understand what problems children need to pay attention to when playing in the indoor playground?

This article contains the following:

1. Trampoline

2. Software facilities

3. Swing

4. Slide

indoor playground equipment-1

First, trampoline

There is a device called trampoline among indoor playground equipment, so this kind of equipment belongs to a typical unpowered facility. It has no power device and only relies on bounce. This kind of equipment is actually quite fun and interesting. No matter how old children are, they can bounce up and down in this place and enjoy freedom. However, if the trampoline is not operated well, it is still easy to get injured. Therefore, it is recommended to separate the large and small children's areas, and be careful not to follow too big children when playing. Going together, the age gap is too big, and it is easy to bounce small children away.

Second, software facilities

Among indoor playground equipment, there is a kind of playground equipment called soft equipment. This kind of equipment is all soft. It is actually quite safe for children to play in it, but they should be disinfected during the play, because after all, children There are more of them. If you don't pay attention to daily disinfection, it will cause bacteria to grow and infection.

Third, swing

The safety of the swing is high, but when you play, you should pay attention to check whether the screws on it are loose or not. You need to see how the swing is. On the one hand, parents of children need to pay attention to this problem, on the other hand, operators need to pay attention to this problem. Now, if there is a problem with the swing, the child still falls quite seriously, so this should be paid attention to.

Fourth, the slide

In all kinds of indoor playground equipment, the head slide is always essential, but the order and rules of the slide are very important. You cannot climb from the bottom up. You have to wait for one child to go down completely before another child can go up.

indoor playground equipment-2

Indoor playground equipment is relatively safe, but for players, it is also necessary to pay attention to safety issues.

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