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What Are The Advantages Of The Opening Event In Indoor Kids Soft Play Area?

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kids soft play Park is further divided into indoor and outdoor types. The former has a market share of about 80%. Due to the difficulty of land use in most cities, many operators are troubled. In the case of reducing the scale of game equipment, it is a compromise to open the venue indoors. Plan, so the opening of the indoor kids soft play is so important.

The article contains the following:

1. The purpose of the event

2. Preferential items

3. Prepare funds

4. Scope of activities

 kids soft play-1

First, the purpose of the event

The opening of the indoor kids soft play can play a role in the first wave of marketing. The operating venues have just opened and the public is not aware of it, resulting in scarce traffic. In order to promote the increase in turnover as soon as possible, the first 5 days of the opening of the kids soft play, related Publicity activities must be fully rolled out, and various advertising forms are used to publicize the opening location and preferential measures. Large discounts will be carried out on the opening day. If the location is relatively remote, the discount activities should be postponed to 15 days.

Second, preferential items

kids soft play often has its own operating characteristics. The main game types are often decided after investigating the market. They must be the favorite and popular ones of the public. You can focus on these activities during the opening activities. The price reduction attracts the active participation of the public. Some unpopular projects can also be promoted, and some competitive games can be organized. The winner can obtain some material rewards to expand the influence of the kids soft play Park.

Third, prepare funds

The opening activities of kids soft play Park will inevitably incur some cost expenditures. According to past experience, business will not be very good three months before the opening of large commercial facilities. Therefore, at least 25000usd in cash should be prepared for the activity. Advertising expenses, water and electricity expenses, staff expenses, and some material incentive expenses.

Fourth, the scope of activities .

In the past, many activities were aimed at fixed households within one kilometer, but in fact, many parents often drove over if they heard that a large naughty castle was opened. Therefore, they should be in key neighborhoods and communities in the city. Spreading out advertising, for example, delivering small advertisements, entering the group of owners to send messages, etc., can achieve the purpose of opening publicity.

childrens playground equipment (1)

The more precise the indoor kids soft play opening event is planned, the better the results will be obtained in the later stage. Someone has specifically investigated and invested 15000 usd to launch the opening event. In the next three months, the ticket sales of the naughty castle park will be higher than that of venues without opening activities. 25% is still very impressive..


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