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Theme park(2)

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The site selection is an important factor that affects the success of the theme park design. The determination of the theme park site must be based on a detailed analysis of the surrounding source markets and on-site investigations, and it must not be based on imagination and rash decisions. To build a good theme park, we should pay full attention to market analysis and positioning, make correct commercial value judgments on cultural connotation, increase revisit rate and investment income ratio, and promote the development of other local industries through the tourism multiplier effect.

First, the theme park source market is closely related to the number of permanent and floating populations in the surrounding areas. Generally speaking, the area within an hour’s drive of the theme park is its main market location, and the population of these areas must reach at least 2 million; the area within 2 to 3 hours’ drive is its secondary market location, with a population of more than 2 million. In addition, the location of the third market and long-distance tourists mainly rely on the brand influence of theme parks and convenient and fast transportation systems.

Secondly, generally speaking, the high investment and high consumption characteristics of theme parks make it deeply affected by the social economy of the hinterland. Therefore, when designing and selecting a theme park site, the economically developed areas should be considered first. Theme parks with the same theme in the same area are densely distributed, which will inevitably lead to a shortage of customers and vicious competition among enterprises.

Third, the choice of theme park design site needs to fully consider the traffic conditions in the area where the park site is located to facilitate the free flow of passengers. The area where the theme park is located requires a relatively sound three-dimensional transportation system, especially in the vicinity of the theme park there must be at least one main road that can accommodate a large amount of traffic and a good intersection, and a secondary road that can be used as an emergency entrance. Theme park developers should actively create good external conditions, actively guide and quickly transport customers.

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