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The main points that invests indoor children amusement park(三)

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The main points that invests indoor children amusement park(三)

How to choose a reliable amusement equipment manufacturer? There are a lot of children's amusement equipment now, and the quality of products is uneven, so manufacturers must be careful in choosing equipment. The first is to see whether the quality of equipment is reliable, the second is to see whether the equipment is novel, and the third is to see whether manufacturers have guarantee after sales.

children's park to open their own or join the good? Stores joining is relatively easier then a practice, mainly reflected in, for direct use franchise brand name such as le belle, equipment configuration, the environment is decorated also have special a unified style and planning, store operations can draw lessons from the manufacturer to provide means to copy the success of the other stores management method, choosing to join the brand is to choose good word-of-mouth, assured brand, don't join you will need to buy their own selection of equipment, decoration, store opening publicity operations wait trivia, two models have their own advantages and disadvantages, investors also need to consider.

indoor children amusement park

indoor children's park need to hire a clerk? General clerk number related to project the size and number, each project according to the area and project situation configuration guide to play member of 1-2 and safety personnel, small single children's park takes about 1-2 is responsible earnestly, has the compassion dedicated staff, but some big comprehensive park, then you need to please a few more staff, guide to play 2, security personnel 2-3, 2 at the front desk, to do a good job in health management, registration, membership card promotion, etc, and also need to guide the children to play. With children to play games and so on to create a good atmosphere of children's paradise!

how to operate children's park to get more profits? Operating the park, to consider too many factors, such as opening publicity. Health management, activity promotion, gift giving, membership card promotion, etc are likely to play a game for the children's park to improve sentiment, give customers a good impression to a better profit, of course, also need to be for a few small details, such as loving care for children, good communication with parents is also the important factors that affect land income!

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