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Indoor parent-child playground

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The planning and design of indoor parent-child parks requires a certain degree of specialization. Through manufacturing and design to meet the requirements of indoor use, indoor parent-child parks are very popular with children and investors because they are not affected by factors such as weather and geographic location. For children, this is a place where you can play all year round; for investors, it is a place where you can operate profitable 365 days a year. In order for a park to have good revenue, it must first have high popularity. If no one comes to the park to play, how can revenue be generated? To successfully attract more customers, the first step is to have a good store design and configuration. Then, what factors should investors consider when designing an indoor parent-child playground?

When planning an indoor play area, please remember that the children’s playground equipment should be provided with a safe pavement, such as rubber tiles or poured in place, to reduce injuries caused by falls.

Start the process of planning an indoor parent-child playground by measuring the available space. The variables to consider include room access, ceiling height, doors, fire exits, lighting and other site restrictions.

These obstacles for specific locations provide a basic starting point for the design and selection of amusement equipment. If this step is not carefully considered, you may end up choosing a structure that is incompatible with your space.

The overall color of the park is matched with the ground material. Children generally prefer bright and colorful things. But be careful not to set too many colors, or it will look messy, generally warm colors are better. Bright and pleasant colors will bring joy to children, so the appearance of the amusement equipment will be designed very beautifully. When designing an indoor children's playground, the colors of the ground protection and the game facilities in the area should match as much as possible. The protective ground can be sand, safety mats, sawdust ground, etc. Children's self-protection awareness is weak. When shopping for ground protective materials, the park must pay special attention to it. It must have sufficient thickness to reduce the impact.

The concept of indoor parent-child parks has also been very popular in recent years. There is currently no regulatory restrictions in the industry. However, as a theme park planning and design practitioner, it is necessary to focus on the tourist experience without rigid specifications. Children’s perspective is the starting point to create a colorful world that belongs to them. The issue of repurchase rate is incorporated into the planning and design of the parent-child park, which not only provides investors with the vitality of sustainable operation, but also provides visitors with a place to play and learn. The key to building an indoor parent-child playground.


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