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How much do you know about the materials of these indoor children's play equipment?

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There are many types of materials for children's amusement equipment, and the effects of different materials are also different. Some materials that are not too healthy will have an adverse effect on children's health, so we must understand the impact of different materials on children's health and protect children's health. So, what impact will different children's play equipment materials have on children's health?

Wooden children's amusement equipment is relatively healthy. It has the advantages of natural non-toxicity, convenient raw materials, and flexible assembly and combination according to the requirements of children's amusement equipment. The disadvantage is that the interaction is weak, the interest is relatively low, and it needs to be coated with anti-corrosion and moisture-proof surface treatment, which is easier to damage for older children.

The advantages of the plastic material are that the material has strong plasticity, can be molded into a wide range of facility parts, rich in colors, corners can be rounded, and flexibly assembled according to the requirements of children's amusement equipment. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to recycle, easy to degumming or fading. Good rubber material is non-toxic, but some childre’s play equipment made of inferior rubber will cause great harm; when buying rubber amusement equipment, you must buy equipment produced by regular manufacturers, and Equipment with national quality inspection qualifications.

The processing requirements of metal children's amusement equipment are very strict, because if the processing is too rough, hard edges and corners will appear, and there will be serious safety risks. Its advantages are mainly sturdiness and durability, the surface can be smoothed or frosted and anti-skid, the shape is changeable, and it is easy to assemble. Disadvantages include the danger of connecting parts or interfaces for children, because the hard texture is more dangerous for children. Of course, with the continuous improvement of my country's mechanical amusement equipment level, such a situation rarely occurs. However, buyers still need to check the quality, workmanship, etc. of the equipment on-site at the official manufacturer to ensure that they can buy safe and qualified amusement equipment.

The advantages of the facilities made of concrete are that it can be used for the shaping and construction of large-scale children's amusement equipment, and is suitable for large and even giant children's amusement equipment. The shortcomings are also obvious. The material is hard and rough, not suitable for young children and younger children to play, and the safety is poor.

The above is the impact of different materials of children's amusement equipment on children's health. When choosing children's amusement equipment, buyers must choose better quality to protect the safety of children.


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