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How is trampoline played in France

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How is trampoline played in France

The origin of the modern trampoline is generally believed to have occurred in Medieval France. In France, the professional trampoline venue is a favorite place for fans and athletes of extreme sports. The venue equipment and participants' experience and skills are very mature. With the development of many years, trampoline has gradually become a popular choice for outdoor parks. It has gradually developed new forms and formed projects such as network array and sea net, and combined with projects such as climbing forest park and ropeway.

First of all, make use of the main network array to create the theme of the second floor recreation space. The park uses a large net array to build a recreation space on the second floor of the forest between native trees and tree houses. There are giant trampolines, net trails, net slides and other projects suitable for tourists of all ages. The gravity-free jumping experience attracts everyone, so parents are no longer onlookers here, sharing fun times with their children. The park is themed with local forest fairy tales. Fairies, elves, and dwarfs are always present on the web quest, asking children questions about the animals and plants of the forest.

Then, the vertical thinking to create a three-dimensional grid maze. It's the same bouncing net, but the French have taken it to nature for a wider range of activities, a richer, healthier and more educational experience, which is the sublimation of trampoline. The network shuttle in the natural environment is the deep integration with the project of climbing forest Park. There are thousands of forest climbing projects in France. After years of market development supervision, construction and operation standards have become very mature. All projects are competing at the same starting line, so content innovation and product packaging are particularly important. The grid array is a good example. It is quite different from the common forest climbing projects in the market at present, and solves the problem of additional cost and limited tourist capacity to a large extent. It may be an optimized choice.

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