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How Much Do You Know About Indoor Interactive Ropes Course? Let's Take A Look At The Sky Bike Project!

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When it comes to game parks, what do you think of your favorite projects? Perhaps most people’s answers are trampolines, slides, etc. Now that the children’s entertainment industry is facing a reshuffle after the epidemic, whoever can rise at a speed after the epidemic is the real industry leader. Therefore, investors are actively adjusting their operations. Strategies, a large number of new amusement projects are attracted, attracting more tourists to come to spend, so that you can achieve a better business situation in the shortest time. Now all major playgrounds have introduced indoor Interactive Ropes Course projects. This is a brand new project. How much do you know? What is the market space for Indoor Interactive Ropes Course? Let's take the sky bike as an example to introduce the details!

This article includes the following:

1. What is the status of the  Indoor Interactive Ropes Course industry?

2. What is an air bike

3. Let you enjoy the beauty of aerial walks


1. What is the status of the  indoor Interactive Ropes Course industry?

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, but for any company, there will be opportunities when there are challenges. Only by seizing the opportunities and facing up to the difficulties can we become a true king. Now the second wave of epidemic has arrived. The epidemics in Europe and the United States seem to show no signs of stopping. Before the outbreak, the normalization of prevention and control has become an important strategy for countries to respond to the epidemic. If crowded places cannot be visited, playgrounds must adjust their operations. The project cannot allow a large number of people to gather, and the  indoor Interactive Ropes Course sky bike project can cater to this. Introduce more projects that disperse the crowd, so that people can not gather, but can also experience the joy of entertainment.

2. What is an air bike?

This is an extreme challenge project to experience cycling in the  indoor Interactive Ropes Course project. At an altitude of tens of meters, the bicycle is a bicycle sandwiched between the upper and lower steel ropes, and then the tires enter the steel ropes. Everyone Passengers who experience the experience must wear safety clothing, fasten the safety lock, drive the bicycle by themselves, and then move forward slowly. This is a fun and exciting trip, and the crowd watching below will not be too crowded, so it is more suitable for the epidemic. A good project to experience sports.


3.let you enjoy the beauty of aerial walks

Indoor Interactive Ropes Course is a new sports scene, which is more suitable for people who like excitement and adventure. It has safety protection measures. You don't have to worry about safety issues. You can walk in mid-air and savor the beauty of slow travel.


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