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How Much Can A Trampoline Hall Generally Cost To Start And How Is It Allocated?

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Nowadays, the rising economic level of most Chinese families, many people are still very willing to spend money on food and play. It is because of this that trampoline is liked by many people. That trampoline hall generally how much money can be started?

This article includes the following.

1, the cost of rent

2, the cost of amusement equipment

3, the cost of operation

4, the cost of decoration

trampoline hall-1

First, the cost of rent

No matter what business is done, the site rent occupies a large part of the cost, especially when opening trampoline hall is more so. Because the area needed to open trampoline hall is relatively large, generally recommended not less than three or four hundred square meters, so as to bring customers a better sense of experience, greatly increasing the customer's return rate.

At the same time, investors must pay attention to the best choice of convenient transportation, but the rent is not very expensive place. Usually the second and third tier cities, the rent is relatively less, if it is in the developed first tier cities, then the monthly rent may be several tens of thousands.

Second, the cost of amusement equipment

Trampoline hall generally how much money to start, usually and the cost of amusement equipment also has a direct relationship. Different from other industries is the trampoline hall to the main cost is generally concentrated in the early stage, because after the purchase of amusement equipment, in addition to the late maintenance costs to pay, the other basic cost-free. The structure of the trampoline is mainly made of bungee surface, steel frame, spring and fence and other combinations, usually the price is about 500 per square meter.

Third, the cost of operation

When opening a trampoline hall, investors also need to pay the operating costs, it is generally recommended that the best according to the area of the venue and the daily flow of people to configure the corresponding staff. At the same time in the later operation, generally also need to pay for utilities and marketing and promotion and other comprehensive costs.

Fourth, the cost of decoration

Although the trampoline hall needs too delicate decoration, but in the site after the basic decoration or need. It is recommended that it is best to decide the grade of decoration according to their own economic strength and the corresponding style, usually the price of decoration per square meter in about 300 yuan.

trampoline hall-2

The above is the answer to the question of how much money can generally start a trampoline hall. All in all, the specific investment costs do not have a fixed answer, or need to be based on individual circumstances to the practical analysis. If investors still have doubts about the cost, they can also consider choosing a trusted brand to join, which is basically a one-stop solution to the problems encountered by people opening trampoline houses.


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