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Four major strategies for indoor park management

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Indoor parks are more of these types of parks that are integrated with commerce and serve business circles and communities. The main customers are family, parents and children. According to research, the main population of indoor parks is children aged 2-18 and their parents. That is to say, most of the tourists facing the park are families as a unit, with children's needs as the leading factor, and a group of tourists composed of multiple age groups. As an operator, how do you manage the park?

Specific analysis is made for customer groups of different ages, such as families, children, and youth. The clearer the market segment, the higher the efficiency of operation and investment.

Generally speaking, parents need to grasp the growth of their children's knowledge, understanding of the outside world and mental health growth. Park operators should combine the rigid things in these two tracks with the flexible things of their own products, and turn them into rigidity as much as possible, increase user stickiness, and turn one-time consumption into continuous needs.

At present, the current situation of small and medium parks has serious homogeneity of content, similar styles, and lack of uniqueness and competitiveness. In this case, unique product content becomes the key to improving core competitiveness.

In terms of product composition, for indoor parks, 40% is hardware, which is the carrier and means of park operation, and 60% is software. This software refers to activities or others. In addition to the introduction of new products and equipment, the operator is also indispensable for promotion. Only by fully combining the two and adding added value to the equipment can the product content be unique.

The operation of indoor parks takes a long time, and the key to being different in the operation process is to grasp emotions. On the one hand, employees should establish emotional connections with customers, provide high-quality services, and make customers feel at home; on the other hand, create a parent-child play atmosphere to create an irreplaceable emotional memory of the family in this place, which can be felt by the family. Happiness, or the time spent there is no substitute for him elsewhere. With the emotional link, the paradise can last and last.


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