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Essentials of water park design

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Several points to be paid attention to in the design of water parks, analysis of the disadvantages of water parks: the quality of water. Water park is a luxury water consumption project. For tourists, the quality of water is one of the main factors in their choice. The maintenance of water quality is not only time-consuming but also expensive.

Simply put, themed packaging is to wear clothes. People of different personalities will match and find suitable clothes according to their own characteristics and personalities, and form their own characteristics. The theme packaging is also the same, giving life, forming characteristics, and giving soul to a building with no characteristics and connotations.

Planning and layout of the amusement pool in the design of the water park: the recreational amusement pool and the conventional swimming pool can be allowed to be in the same building, but they should be located in different swimming halls, and they can be arranged in a separate manner. The conventional swimming pool is indoors and the amusement pool is outdoor. . The indoor and outdoor connection can also be used, that is, swimmers can swim from the indoor pool to the outdoor pool, but the transition zone between the two pools should not be too deep, and swimmers should be guaranteed to pass through calmly.

Themed packaging is like people wearing clothes. Fit is the most important thing. Conceptual design, detailed details, engineering model making and construction are the only way to realize the theme idea. We call it "theme packaging". Themed packaging without blind spots can perfectly show the theme style and allow tourists to be on the scene.

Planning and design of different functional areas: Generally speaking, the passenger flow in the water park park is concentrated in the middle of the park, because there are many water amusement facilities in this area, and most of them are areas where young people and couples intensively play, but there are still some elderly people in the park. People and women bring children. On the one hand, these tourists are not as strong and energy-saving as young people. On the other hand, it is not convenient for them to enter the water. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish the children’s pool from the central amusement area and leave an appropriate space .

The basic requirements for designing amusement pools in water parks: The consumer population of water amusement pools is relatively broad, including adults, teenagers, children and toddlers.


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